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Choose a wardrobe with a modern and functional design, suitable to store your clothing for each season among the ones WunderArt proposes to you!

You are in the closet or in the classic wardrobe? Safe facilities and meticulous finishing, different materials (laminate, melamine, wood) and attention to details are the basis for such functional and well-organized  wardrobes that you never want to quit!

Will you choose the cabinet, comfortable and confidential, to have a space on your own to dedicate to your look? Thanks to its equipment panels masterfully completed with fittings in contrasting colours, the walk-in closet enables a perfect integration in the most modern rooms.
Or do you take the glossy lacquered doors, preferring the classics reinvented in a modern and young way?

The wardrobes with swing doors are so up-to-date thanks to lacquered surfaces and matching inserts, giving your room the perfect combination of design and functionality.

Whether you choose one version or the other you will smarten up your home with the furniture selected by WunderArt.

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